Thousands of products are imported and exported in/from Dubai on a daily basis.

To ensure the consumer safety related to the products they use, health and food supplements products must pass through an assessment system established by the UAE government and get registered under Dubai Municipality.

Before deciding to import a specific health or food supplement product in Dubai, it is obligatory to get it registered under the Dubai Municipality. Once the product registration is completed – you can enter your product in the UAE market legally and without any restriction.

Below are the details and documents required by the Dubai Municipality to register the health or food supplements under the MONTAJI platform – a consumer product registration initiative by Dubai Municipality.

MONTAJI enables consumers to confirm the information and safety of all consumer products (Cosmetics, Perfumes, Supplements, Detergents and Biocides) available in Dubai markets. Consumers can instantly confirm if the product is registered and compliant with Dubai Municipality regulations, just by scanning the bar-code of the product. While, companies can use it for Montaji product registration on the Dubai Municipality database.

Documents & Other Pre Requisites for Food Supplement Registration Under Dubai Municipality:

1) Manufacturing Company details
Company profile, license copy, address, website, contact number, email id etc.

2) Product details
1. Country of origin
2. Group
The group of the product type, can be selected from the list (ex: Biocides Products, Health Supplements, Cosmetics etc.).

3. Brand Names:
The manufacture brand name

4. Product Name:
The name of your product (commercial name). (ex: Signal)

5. International Barcode
International barcode printed on the product variant.

6. Scent / Flavor
The Scent/flavor of the product variant (ex: Mint)

7. Product Color / Shade
Color of the product (ex: blue)

8. Packaging Type:
Type of packaging product (ex: Box)

9. Period after Opening:
Validity of the product after opening it.

10. Variant Name: (if applicable)
Name of the product variant

11. Size:
The size of the product.

12. Expiry Date:
Expiry date information placed on product.

13. Production Date:
Production date information placed on product.

14. Weight or volume unit: The weight of the unit.

15. Batch Number:
Batch Number information placed on product.

16. Shelf life(months):
Time that product can be stored.

17. Ingredient data – new ingredient data for the variant (if applicable)

3) Products Label and Art Work
Product label and Art work should including the barcode, batch number, item trade name, brand name, country of origin, shelf life, storage condition etc.

Language of the label must be in English or Arabic.

Production and expiry dates should be indicated on all cosmetic and personal care products with shelf-life less than 30 months. For products with shelf-life more than 30 months, period after opening (PAO) should be indicated.

PAO will not be applicable for following products:

  1. Products presented in containers where there is no need of physical opening (eg. Sealed pressurized containers)
  2. Single-use products
  3. Products with a low microbiological contamination risk such as high alcohol content (eg. Perfumes)

Indication of expiry date is mandatory for health supplements, detergents and biocides.

4) Free Sale Certificate (Product manufactured outside the country)
Certificate issued from Country of Origin declaring that the product is freely sold in the Country of Origin and has to be issued from the related Government sector or MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE) attested from government sector in country of origin.

 5) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Certificate issued from certified bodies that reflect system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards

6) Analysis and Ingredients Report
Documents that declare the details of ingredients and its concentration in addition to the physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of product and should be issued from the manufacturer / or brand owner.

7) Lab Test Report
Depending on the product and ingredients used in the product Dubai municipality will ask the lab report after the initial documents submission.

8)  Trade License – UAE Company
Trade license copy of UAE Company under which the products are supposed to be registered.

9) Passport Copy of the Shareholders
High resolution passport copy of the shareholders of UAE Company

10) Other Documents (if applicable)
Any other document or certificate which can be requested (depending on the product) e.g. Safety Data Sheet, GMP Certificate or Halal Certificate From Certified Body, Radiation Certificate, Laboratory Certificate, etc.)

11) Product Sample
Product sample may be requested for submission either for assessment and registration or for Laboratory testing.

– All the above mentioned information and documents are required for the initial submission. Further to the submission, Dubai Municipality will let know what extra documents are required;
– All documents can be submitted in English or Arabic.

Time Frame for registration
20 – 30 days, depending on the product, ingredients used in the product and requirements of the lab test.

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