As per the updated law, the labor system randomly closes a number of employees whom compulsory need to do a training in Tawjeeh Center.

Documents required: The nominated employees need to visit any Tawjeeh Center with the original passport and work permit contract printed and signed copy.

Training Duration: Approx- 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Training fee: Training fee will be 206 AED – Each employee have to have this exact amount cash at the time of training visit.

After training at Tawjeeh center, employees will have to submit the labor contracts themselves. Within 24 hours, employer/ PRO should check to make sure that the contracts have been submitted successfully.

1. Make sure to have the exact fee for payment in cash
2. Best to send all employees selected to the same center
3. If you are using a PRO’s services, make sure they don’t charge you on the invoice for contract submission fee as your employees will pay that amount in cash upon visit.

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