Bizzmosis Business Services

We work with international corporations to new business startups throughout the UAE and the region. We are passionate about the work we do and are incredibly proud to be helping businesses achieve their plans for the future.

Bizzmosis team offers over 20 years of expertise in Main Land, Free Zone and Offshore company formation services. Government Relations Support, Special business approvals and UAE visa services.

Using our great network of Government Officials, we will do everything required to help our clients. We create new business activities for forward-thinking businesses.

While this may sound like a large claim, it isn’t. If you think about the businesses in energy efficiency, tech and wellness, these sector types are all new to the region. They didn’t exist before, so we worked with our network to create the activities so that they could operate in the UAE.

THIS is what Bizzmosis is all about. This is actually what we LOVE doing.

Bizzmosis team thrives on following all the news and changes in the law on a daily basis. We are creating new platforms that enable change and half the standard process turnaround times.

We are passionate about making the processes and registration easier! We participate in Government workshops and research. We KNOW how much they want to help business and because of this, we are very comfortable saying that now is THE PERFECT time to come and register in the UAE! There is just so much happening right now in UAE to help businesses it is truly exciting!

THIS is what Bizzmosis is all about. THIS is our passion – HELPING BUSINESSES!

*2500+ Businesses incorporated in the UAE
*5000+ Serviced Clients
*1000+ Corporate Clients
*11 Multinational businesses
*100+ queries answered per day
*2000+ of residency visas and attested documents produced
*100% of the work done, following the referral from others