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At Bizzmosis, we provide a tailored and personalized support in the renewal and any amendments in your UAE business license minimizing your personal involvement within the process.
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Delays in applying for
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Practicing business activities in the UAE either within the UAE Mainland or any Free Zone requires a valid and a correct license or permit from the statutory bodies which control and regulate the licensing policy in the UAE.
In the UAE, it is mandatory for all types of businesses to register with the relevant licensing authority in the chosen jurisdiction and in their respective Emirate.

Obtaining a relevant license based on the business activity and renewing it is no easy task.
It requires time investment, attention to detail and a whole lot of tedious documentation. Generally speaking, all UAE licensing authorities issue a business license with a validity of one year (two years validity being an exception in other emirates) and the same must be renewed every year to avoid legal concerns, such as: suspension of the investor visa, bank account blockage, incapacity of employees visas renewals. Business owners would also be unable to practice import & export activities while operating with an expired business license further immobilizing the business.

There are multiple reasons when a business requires amending its license, such us: business activities amendments, internal corporate changes or changing its trade name, locations and others.

Every amendment in the business license has its own peculiarities and often requires practical experience within the field. The best way to save your time, money and efforts is to hire a professional consulting company, who will professionally assist you with the paper routine.

We provide a dedicated support in the renewal and any amendments in your business license. Our team assures you are being informed and updated on the dates of expiry and renewals of the business license by sending timely reminders ensuring a smooth process and peace of mind.

At Bizzmosis, we provide tailored and personalized solutions that will minimize your personal involvement within the process of renewing or amendment of your business license.

Business License Amendment

Applicable Amendments in License

  • Trade Name change
  • Addition, change or withdraw a business activity
  • Change in business location
  • Change in local sponsor
  • Adding or removing a partner’s/shareholders
  • Amendment in authorized capital
  • Change of legal form (for example: sole establishment to LLC or FZC to FZE)
  • other
Business License Renewal

Owning a business licenses is among the most important requirements when doing business in the UAE. Getting a business license renewed in the UAE could be a drawn-out process, if you are not familiar with the procedure.

Therefore, business licenses renewal is a mandatory annual procedure that needs to be properly tracked and monitored. Delays in applying for the renewal will impose penalties as well as may ban the license by freezing all the business activities.

As a part of license renewal, it is important to renew other related registrations such as the immigration card, update the license in MoHRE and Dubai Customs, etc.


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