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If your business requires a UAE local sponsorship or planning to change the current local sponsorship, Bizzmosis is here to assist. We offer a reliable corporate local sponsorship service with full protection and peace of mind when it comes to your business safety.

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Corporate Sponsorship

  • Zero involvement from
    the sponsor
  • Continuous support in all
    government procedures
  • Available comprehensive

100% ownership

Expat investors have 100%
ownership of the company
in case of (professional or
representative office set up)

The United Arab Emirates boasts a comprehensive set of laws that are aligned with the nation’s investment directives and feature well-structured legislative frameworks aimed at attracting foreign investment. The Commercial Companies Law of 2020 constitutes a seminal advancement in legal legislation and encourages investment and business establishment, affording foreign investors the opportunity to establish companies with full ownership rights.

 The UAE Government has revised the federal Commercial Companies Law, providing foreign investors with full ownership rights for designated businesses. This amendment means that they are no longer subject to the prior restriction of a maximum 49% share ownership, but may hold up to 100% ownership, excluding activities with a strategic impact.

Individual Sponsorship

An individual Emirati national will sponsor your business and will hold a 51% stake of your company if your business activities have a strategic impact. In exchange for a set of annual fees, the local sponsor/partner will grant complete operational powers to the foreign partner(s) or a third party on the memorandum of association.

Corporate Sponsorship

Similar to individual sponsorship, the difference is that the sponsor is a company owned by a UAE national. Same as for individual sponsorship, the corporate local sponsor will hold a 51% stake in the company and receive a set fee or profit share as mutually agreed with the foreign partner(s).

Local Service Agent

*A Local Service Agent is required for a Sole establishment and Civil company.


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