Government Affairs

At Bizzmosis, we work in collaboration with the UAE government, representing and assisting our clients in front of the related regulatory authorities and ministries at local & federal level across all industry sectors.

Strategy 2021

UAE aims to capitalize on
the blockchain technology
to transform 50% of
government transactions
into the blockchain
platform by 2021
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UAE is number 1

in 23 indicators including
“Government Decisions”
and “International Talent”
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At Bizzmosis we are proud to have a highly motivated, experienced and diversified team of professionals specialized in a broad spectrum of Government services.

In terms of licensing jurisdictions, we work in collaboration with the Economic Development Departments as well as all of the Free Zone Authorities across the 7 Emirates. 

In addition, we also represent and assist our clients in front of the related regulatory authorities and ministries at local and federal level across all industry sectors.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Immigration
  • Ministry of labor
  • Municipality
  • Tax authority
  • Ministry of education
  • Ministry of health and prevention
  • Roads and transport authority
  • Customs and many more

Our accomplishments in delivering outstanding results are, of course, only possible due to our vital relationships and support we have nurtured with our reliable and influential network of senior government officials and verified and trusted suppliers who are always working hard with us to provide, and often create, elegant solutions.

In a rapidly changing environment, working closely with a such forward thinking, innovative government, we diligently remain informed staying ahead of the game with updates and amendments to cabinet decisions, policy and legislation. 

Aside from facilitating the initial incorporation and standard business needs of our clients, a lot of the work we do involves stepping in to resolve issues and roadblocks for existing companies which existing corporate structure no longer supports their business requirements.

Internally, we thrive on tackling unique and challenging complex cases together as a team, where critical thinking and creativity is flowing with a unique approach to bespoke tailored service. 

Our priority is to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the specific business model, operational needs and long-term goals of the individual corporate journey of each client in detail and work closely with the government to ensure all of those needs are met in line with the legal obligations and conditions of the federal judicial system.  

Special Approvals & Exemptions

At times the existing legal framework and regulatory environment can seem unaccommodating for certain innovative, pioneering or complex businesses concepts.

Occasionally, the government may present within the existing rules, roadblocks or restrictions, preventing a pathway for the operational needs of a business. 

Bizzmosis will work strategically and closely and with the decision makers within the related government entities and ministries to diplomatically explore creative and inventive ways to obtain exemptions and permissions, hence opening up new possibilities for business.  

Ongoing Consultancy Partnership

Not only do we provide case by case or ad-hoc support in response to the current needs of our clients.

We also provide ongoing collaboration and support through our tailored and bespoke retainer contracts, where we become like an outsourced department of the client’s own team, whether they are a start-up, an SME or a multinational entity.

This ensures reinforcement for our clients in a personalized manner, not only responding to the constant on-going operational and human resources needs, but also ensuring government updates and statutory notifications, registrations, renewals and filings are attended to efficiently avoiding the many possible fines or penalties imposed by the authorities.

Advantages for Israeli companies to do business in the UAE

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We pioneer tailored business solutions by nurturing relationships with government, clients, and employees, through fierce listening and flawless delivery.

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