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We are the UAE’s leading experts in Government Affairs, which adds unique value to our array of business services.

Bizzmosis has a strong client list ranging from new startups to global multinationals, for which our team has designed and delivered excellence in a range of tailored solutions from registrations and setups to permits and approvals.

After more than a decade of experience, the core of our teamwork remains an inflow of passion that results in an outflow of impact for our clients. We have deep legal competencies and high-level relationships that blend to facilitate flawless delivery in Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore company formation as well as product registration and visa processing services.

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What We Do

New Business Setup

ADGM Business Structuring


Freelance Licensing

Company Liquidation

Government Affairs

Customs & Product Registration

License Amendment & Renewal

Emirati Nominal Sponsorship

Regulatory Authorities Permits & Licensing

UAE Residency Visas

International Business Visas

Accountancy & Bookkeeping

VAT & Tax Support


Corporate Documents Attestation


Personal Documents Attestation


Government Affairs Experts

Our powerful network of government officials is always working hard with us to find, and often create elegant solutions in the legislative arenas that facilitate our clients’ product and industry innovations.

In today’s ever-changing world, government departments are often called on by businesses to flex, adapt, and very quickly accommodate new best practices and market disruptions.

We are the ones who make that call, on behalf of our clients and most often directly, resulting in special approvals and unique registration solutions that have formed the cornerstone case studies driving the UAE government’s reputation for forward thinking, transparency, future focus, and economic creativity.

The way we do business


Our clients range in industries from energy and technology, to healthcare, FMCG, and manufacturing.
Many of them are producing products and engaging in activities that were only made legal with the efforts of our in-house team of solutions and delivery professionals.

We have a strong history of making things possible, and by nurturing government relationships, often executing those new possibilities in delivery times that have earned us a reputation not only for expanding the realm of what can be done, but contracting the amount of time required to do it.

Government delays and denials are the most expensive initial delay costs any company can endure, and we pride ourselves on our reputation of being able to minimize and eliminate those costs.

This results in mitigated risks, captured opportunity cashflows, and first-mover advantages for our clients.






We live by our values

“Take the long way. Do the hard work, consistently and with generosity and TRANSPARENCY. And then you won’t waste time doing it over.” – Seth Godin

Our primary input values are Passion and Transparency.

If you’re not PASSION-ate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” – Steve Jobs

These behaviors form our approach to our work, ensuring that we start on a foundation of open and honest communication with our clients and other stakeholders, as we engage with a unique blend of energy and enthusiasm that sets the pace for how we behave in relationship.

Talent wins games, but TEAMWORK and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

Our central value is Teamwork. It is what keeps us together in community as we work with our clients and contacts to create and deliver solutions.
We have more than a dozen nationalities on our team, and we maintain gender balance and diversity in order to keep us dynamic and strong.

“We learned about honesty and INTEGRITY – that the truth matters… that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules… and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.” – Michelle Obama

Our primary output values are Integrity and Impact. The reason we call them our output values is that these ones can’t be measured by ourselves. They can only be measured by our clients and partners, when we follow through on our words, deliver on our commitments, and receive feedback on our results.

“There’s no greater gift than thinking that you had some IMPACT on the world, for the better.” – Gloria Steinem

Our core values weren’t written by a marketing agency or a consulting firm. We did it in-house on a Saturday fueled by laugher and pizza.

These 5 values truly describe the kinds of people we are, and the kinds of behaviors we exhibit as a community

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We pioneer tailored business solutions by nurturing relationships with government, clients, and employees, through fierce listening and flawless delivery.

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