Abu Dhabi, for the first time, will issue freelancer licenses for a variety of business activities.

UAE citizens, residents can apply for the permits, but applicants must provide evidence of expertise in their chosen business activity.

For the first time, entrepreneurs can set up a business and obtain a freelancer license to work from home or any authorized location.

People who are retired, homemakers and students can also apply.

Some of the activities the Abu Dhabi freelancer license covers:

  • Decoration works
  • Handicradfts
  • Landscaping Services
  • Management and Operation offices
  • Marketing Services
  • Media and advertising Services
  • Photography
  • Real estate services
  • Retail
  • Services (consultancy – design and research center)
  • Social and cultural services
  • Tailoring
  • Technology

The Abu Dhabi Freelancer License will:

  • Enable businesses to tap into the broad experiences and expertise available on the market
  • Eliminate the need to employ people in specializations that are only required periodically
  • Provide workers with the flexibility to work remotely or from authorized locations
  • Boost the income of various groups including retirees, housewives and university students

To apply for the license please follow the link: https://www.adbc.gov.ae/CitizenAccess/OTPLogin.aspx

Questions & Answers:

What is the legal form for the Abu Dhabi freelance license? Is it a commercial entity with trade name?

The legal type of the Abu Dhabi freelance license will be sole establishment, permitting 100% ownership without a local agent requirement.

Can interested people obtain a resident visa with this license?

Yes, they can. Only the owner of the license can obtain a visa and also can apply for his/her family dependents’ visas.

Can non UAE residents apply for the freelance license in Abu Dhabi? In the requirements it is mentioned that UAE pass is required – and how a non UAE resident can apply in such case?

Yes, non UAE residents can apply, however, they must be inside the country on tourist visa and must have UID number.
Visitors on tourist visa must visit Tamm office in Abu Dhabi in person in order to submit the documents for the freelance license.

Is it mandatory to have the education certificate MOFAIC attested?

Qualifications pertaining to the activity chosen might be required.
If required, proof of education certificate will need to be attested by MOFAIC UAE.

What are the total fees and renewal fees for the Abu Dhabi freelance license?

For the first two years the freelance license is free, however, additional department fees apply, such as immigration/establishment card and renewal fees have not been confirmed yet.

Required Documents:

1. Academic Certificates/Certificates of experience/Approved Achievements in the specialized field related to the activity 

2. The Approval of the Employer*

* “In case the applicant works for the public sector, he/she should obtain an approval from the government employer and meet the general requirements.”

“If the applicant works with a permanent employment contract in the private sector, two cases are identified here. In the first case, if the employer’s activity is similar to or overlaps with the activity of the requested license, the employer’s approval is a must, in addition to meeting the general requirements.”

“In the second case, if the employer’s activity is different from the activity of the license to be issued, then the employer’s approval is not needed in this case, same thing applies if the applicant works in a part time contract in the private sector. The two parties’ agreement’s terms and condition will be applied in terms of work timings, leaves and other obligations.”

There is an option as well to open a bank account which will be linked to the license. You will need to confirm that the client information can be shared with the bank and the bank representative will contact you accordingly. As of now, only Commercial Bank of Dubai is giving this option on the website.

*Note: This freelancer license is a commercial license and not an individual permit.

*Clause: more details on the licensing costs and procedures will be released by the authorities, follow our blog and social media for all updates.

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