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Partnered with the UAE licensing authorities, our dedicated team at Bizzmosis has the expertise and ability to professionally assist you in everything related to the UAE Residency Visas.
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In order to legally live and work in UAE, all expatriates except the UAE & GCC national citizens, must obtain a UAE residency visa.

Setting up a business in UAE entitles entrepreneurs/owners to obtain a UAE residency visa for themselves. All Mainland or Free Zone companies must sponsor its employees and provide an employment residency visa for them.

Our fast, reliable and cost-effective UAE Residency Visas Services provide business leaders with the peace of mind that their business is being taken care of at a governmental level.

With an extensive and up-to-date knowledge of Immigration rules and regulations, we at Bizzmosis specialize in various aspects of UAE residency visa application:

  • Mainland employment residency visas
  • Free Zone employment residency visas
  • Family dependent visas
  • Investor visas
  • Freelance residency visas
  • Domestic helpers visas

In the UAE, a residency visa is mandatory to obtain a driving license, register a car, apply for a PO Box, to buy a property, open a bank account in the UAE, etc.

Along with processing the UAE residency visas services, below are other complimentary services we offer:

  • Renewal of residency visas
  • Cancellation of residency visas

Whether you want fully tailored services to fit your budget or for us to do everything on your behalf, you can rest assured that all the documentation and process will be professionally handled by us. Your family and your employees have someone that you can rely on to help you at all times.

Free Zone Employment Residency Visa

In the UAE Free Zones, the most common type of residence visa is available through an employment contract with a Free Zone company.
Entrepreneurs registering their company within the UAE Free Zone can obtain residence through an employment or investor visa. Both employment and investor visa holders are allowed to apply for dependent’s residence visa.

In most cases, Free Zone employment & investor residency visas are valid for up to 3 years.

Mainland Employment Residency Visa

In comparison with the Free Zone, the advantage on the Mainland is that there is no limitation in number of visas that the Mainland company can obtain (eligibility for visas depends on the office size). The more office space you have, the higher number of visas can be obtained.
All Mainland employment residency visas are valid for 2 years.

Family Dependent Visa

Expatriates holding a valid UAE residency visa are eligible to sponsor their families as well as immediate family members (e.g. spouse and children). In most cases and subject to Immigration approval, the sponsored family dependent gets the privilege of enjoying the same visa duration as their sponsor.

Investor Visa

According to the UAE law, whether you invest a certain amount of money in the public sector or in a property in the UAE, either you are an entrepreneur that has a specific amount of shares in the company – this entitles you to obtain a long term residency visa called Investor Visa.

Freelance Residency Visa

Applying for a freelance license in Dubai and the UAE is one of the most cost-effective ways to do business in this part of the world. Before obtaining the residency visa, first you need to register a freelance permit/Free Zone operation license independently, then register your visa under the permit/Free Zone license.

Domestic Helper Visa

Families living in the UAE that are in need of a nanny or maid, a private teacher or a gardener have the option to hire them and become a sponsor for them. Whatever be the requirement, the sponsoring task should go through a series of documentation.


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