Step by Step Guide: How to register and trade Fragrances in Dubai?

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Fragrance Products refer to any product that emits a pleasant odor and consists of essential oils, stabilizers, alcohol, water, permitted colors, antioxidants, and solvents; perfumes, Eau de Toilette, Cologne, Aftershave, concentrated oils, and Air fresheners to name a few. UAE…

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Fragrance Products refer to any product that emits a pleasant odor and consists of essential oils, stabilizers, alcohol, water, permitted colors, antioxidants, and solvents; perfumes, Eau de Toilette, Cologne, Aftershave, concentrated oils, and Air fresheners to name a few.

UAE Fragrance Market: Numbers & Forecast

According to the UAE Fragrance Market Report published by P&S Intelligence, the U.A.E. fragrance market size was valued at $913.7 million in 2021, and it is predicted to witness a CAGR of 6.6% from 2021โ€“to 2030. Key drivers include the surging investments in advertising and marketing initiatives, especially via digital channels, the rising disposable income, and the increasing demand for custom-made, natural, and eco-friendly cosmetic products in the country.

What are the regulations and key requirements for fragrance and perfumery in the UAE?

UAE regulates the Cosmetic/Fragrance sector to ensure consumer safety and to maintain consistent product quality. The Cosmetic Law and the Fragrance Law govern this segment in UAE.

The purpose of regulation is to ensure that such imported or locally manufactured products comply with the applicable technical standards before they are imported or put on the UAE market.

On the federal level, the Ministry of industry and Advanced Technology(MOIAT) is the competent authority for regulating such products under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme. On the local level, products must be registered with the local Municipality of the relevant emirate in which the products are intended to be sold.

How to register the product with the Dubai Municipality?

Dubai Municipality regulates the manufacture and sale of fragrance products by requiring that all fragrance products be registered before placing in the Dubai market and as registration is carried out on the company level, applicants should own a valid UAE Commercial/Industrial license with related activity to fragrance trading/manufacturing.

Applicants are responsible for the safety, and performance of the product and all information supplied in support of the product registration application. With consumer safety being the primary principle of fragrance registration, the regulatory authority gathers the below information to assess the safety of fragrance products.

List of the required documents for registration:

  1. Valid UAE Trade License
  2. Passport copy of the shareholders
  3. Product Artwork
  4. Ingredient Report
  5. GMP Certificate
  6. Free Sale Certificate
  7. Lab Test Report
  8. Product Samples
  9. Other Documents (if applicable)

1. Valid UAE Trade License
UAE Company under which the products are supposed to be registered

2. Passport Copy of the Shareholders
 High-resolution passport copy of the shareholders of the UAE Company

3. Product Artwork
All information included on the labels must be accurate, scientifically, or laboratory-verified, and shall not be misleading. It should be in English and/or Arabic and Should indicate all related information including brand name, product name, size/weight of the product, manufacturer details, country of origin, direction and indication of use, ingredients, allergens, barcode, production/expiry dates, storage, batch number.

In compliance with quality and safety standards, the supplier shall declare the observed allergens on the label.
Pictures and illustrations which are inconsistent with the prevailing social customs and values in the UAE shall not be used as well as any religious phrase.
A medical claim that perfumes and their products have any medical benefits shall not be used.

4. Ingredient Report
Document issued by manufacturer declaring the ingredients with the concentration in percentage.

5. GMP Certificate 
Certificates are issued from certified bodies to ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled according to the quality standard.

6. Free Sale Certificate
A certificate is mandatory for products manufactured outside the UAE; stating that the product is manufactured and can be freely/safely sold in the country of origin. It has to be issued from the related government sector or attested from the government sector in the country of origin.

7. Lab Test Report 
Depending on the product and ingredients used in the product, the Dubai municipality will ask for the lab report after the submission of the initial documents.

Test reports are requested to be submitted as per the status of the product, including but not limited to tests for Allergens, Bitrex, turbidity & visual inspection, solvents, and methanol.

8. Product Samples
Product samples may be requested for submission either through assessment and registration or Laboratory testing.
5-7 pcs/packs depending on the size of a product (subject to Dubai Municipality)

9. Other Documents (if applicable)
 Any other document or certificate which can be requested (depending on the product) e.g. Safety Data Sheet, Halal Certificate from a Certified body, Laboratory Certificate, etc.

What are the steps for registering the products?

  • Prepare the Required Documents
  • Submit the Application in the Montaji portal
  • Pay application fees
  • Document review and verification by the regulatory authority
  • Obtain Approval

Timeframe for Registration:

20 โ€“ 30 days, depending on the product, ingredients used in the product, and requirements of the lab test


The product registration certificate with Dubai Municipality is valid for 5 years from the date of issuance.

Source: Prescient & Strategic Intelligence. U.A.E. Fragrance Market Report:- Industry Analysis and Growth Forecast to 2030. April 2022.
 U.A.E. Fragrance Market 2022-2030 | Demand Outlook Report (

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    we are perfume manufacturing company in Dubai around 50+ product we have. need to register this products in DM Portal. Also need product registration certificate.

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    hold back by custom.
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