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UAE Product Registration – What is the regulatory framework of the UAE? UAE has regulatory authorities on the federal level governing the entire country as well as authorities on the local/emirate level responsible for the regulation of products in the…

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UAE Product Registration – What is the regulatory framework of the UAE?

UAE has regulatory authorities on the federal level governing the entire country as well as authorities on the local/emirate level responsible for the regulation of products in the individual emirate (for example, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah).


Ministry of Climate Change & Environment 

  • Live animals, plants, fertilizers, insecticides, etc 

Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology 

  • Chemical/Mechanical/Electrical products etc 

Ministry Of Health & Prevention

  • Pharmaceutical products Medical/ Surgical instruments and devices 

National Media Council

  • Print materials, publications, and media products 


Dubai Municipality

  • Foodstuff, personal care products and cosmetics, Biocides, Fragrances, Health Supplement 

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council

  • Consumer products/Electrical products etc

Abu Dhabi Agriculture & Food Safety Authority

  • Foodstuff and agricultural products

What are the documents required for product registration?

The documents required will vary based on the product category and depends on the regulatory authority’s specific requirements.  

While the number of documents required can decrease or increase considering the risk of the product, below are some of the common documents requested at the time of registration in UAE:

  • Free Sale Certificate
  • Product Labels
  • Ingredient reports/Analysis reports (COA) 
  • Lab test reports from an accredited lab with an accreditation scope covered 
  • Manufacturing company certificates

What is a Free Sale Certificate (FSC) or Certificate of Free Sale (CSF)?

It is a mandatory document required for consumer products manufactured outside the UAE at the time of registration with the Dubai Municipality.

This certificate indicates that the product/s are legally sold or distributed in the market freely without restriction in the country of origin.

It must be issued by the regulatory authorities in the country of origin, such as the Health authorities or recognized government bodies like the Chamber of Commerce, and must be attested by the MOFA and UAE embassy in the country of origin.

FSC must be valid at the time of submission and made available if requested for the original FSC to be seen.

What can be done if the product name to be marketed in Dubai is different from the name in FSC?

A confirmation letter from the product owner is required.

What is the standard format for the FSC issued?

There is no specific standard format for the FSC and will vary from country to country. However, below are some minimum details required to be mentioned in the document.

  • Should include the name and address of the manufacturer
  • Products name along with product specification which is intended to be registered
  • Statement mentioning that it is freely sold or safe to be sold in the country of origin

How many products can be included in the Free Sale Certificate?

There is no limitation on the number of products/variants that can be included in the FSC. However, products must be from the same manufacturer/brand.

What is Free Sale Certification Service?

An FSC is granted by the Public Health & Safety Department for those Local manufacturers/traders in Dubai who wish to export their products outside the country. 

This service enables the applicant to obtain the FSC that products are registered by Dubai Municipality and are freely sold in the Emirates of Dubai local market. The scope of products includes Cosmetics, personal care products, supplements, detergents, and biocides.

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