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Traveling by your own car to another country on holidays or for work can be an exciting experience, except for when you think about border crossing formalities and dealing with customs.
Paying foreign custom dues in foreign countries and waiting for weeks or months, trying to get the money back can be avoided.

The Carnet de Passage en Douane, or CPD (often called “a trip ticket” in the Middle East) is a globally insured and recognized customs document used since 1926 to cover the temporary importation of road motor vehicle whether they are driven or shift to another country.

A CPD is a globally insured customs guarantee document confirming that customs duties and taxes will be paid in case the vehicle does not return to the country of registration. It means a CPD holder will not be required to pay customs guarantee deposit in the country where the vehicle is brought on a temporary importation basis.

The CPD is like a passport for your car.

Why do I need a Carnet de Passages “CPD” (Trip Ticket)?

The AIT (Alliance Internationale de Tourisme / FIA (Federation Internationale de l’automobile) CPD (Trip Ticket) is an international document accepted by customs worldwide. The AIT/FIA members, who are the only ones authorized to issue the CPD (Trip Ticket), act as guarantors and are committed to pay the customs duties if the vehicle does not return to the country of permanent registration after the expiry period of the CPD (Trip Ticket).

Once the CPD has been used and is no longer needed, before its expiry date, the vehicle owner can return it back to the CPD-issuing organization in the country of vehicle registration. At the same time he will be refunded the guarantee deposit he paid when the CPD (Trip Ticket) was issued.

What is a CPD (car registration)?

The CPD cover shows the name of the holder, the name of the issuing association, the international organizations – the AIT and FIA – under which the network functions, and the validity of the document. The inside front cover bears a description of the vehicle covered under the CPD. The back cover lists the countries where the carnet may be used and the names of the guarantor association in that country. The inside of the back cover includes instructions and information essentially for the holder.

The CPD is printed in English and French and is of standard A4 dimensions. Carnets may have 5 to 25 pages inside, each of which with a detachable importation and exportation voucher and a counterfoil which remains attached to the CPD. A separate page is used for each country entered or re-entered. Each importation and exportation voucher contains the vehicle particulars listed on the inside cover, the full name and address of the carnet holder, the name of the issuing association and the expiry date.

What is required to obtain a CPD and register your car?

  • Photocopy of passport and UAE residence visa
  • Photocopy of car registration
  • Copy of valid UAE Driving License
  • Cash or bank guarantee depending on the customers’ country of destination

Steps to obtain a CPD online:

  1. Visit
    Click on: Register and register yourself into the E-services portal
  2. Once inside the portal, click on: Edit Profile and fill in all the details
  3. Now that the profile is ready for use, click on CPD tab, then click on Registration
  4. All pre-filled information will auto-populate. Complete all fields and click on Register
  5. Click on Apply for CPD and follow prompts on screen to apply and pay online for CPD processing fees
  6. After paying the CPD Processing Fees, transfer the Guarantee amount or proceed to the bank to deposit the Guarantee amount in the ACT account (as per the message received). Afterward only your application will be sent for processing
  7. After depositing/transferring the guarantee amount, login to E-services and click on Upload button and attach the proof of the transaction

The CPD may be delivered to you via courier or you may collect it in person from the Dubai branch.

To find out more, visit Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE) official website

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